Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Reading all day

Rachel is going to Outward Bound soon and is reading nothing yet, waiting until all of her internal assessments are complete. Then she's planning to read Shakespeare Save My Life

Cherub is reading The Colour Purple.

Bobbigrace is reading The BookTheif- hard out balancing assessments and reading.

Lana is reading about blood sugar while eating chocolate brownie. Irony lives here.

Asinate is still reading Emily Perkin's Not Her Real Name

Isaac is reading a book called Sister by Rosamund Lupton (recommended by Suzie). It's about a girl whose sister is missing. He thinks it may be similar to Chinese Cinderella (which is really sad).

We had a discussion around what the library could be like. A reading room, a senior space, a second level, more books. Always good to some blue-sky thinking.

Kim is reading The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau. A mix between Hunger Games, Divergent and Legend. It's a dystopian future book. She just found out it's a series, and is not sure if she can cope with any more.

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