Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Sworn Series OMG

Short summary of this book
Title of the book: Sworn
Author: Emma Knight
Genre: Science fiction & fantasy
Main character Rachel Wood moved from Pennsylvania to Westchester in New York  because her father was transferred for his job. Rachel started a new school with her two sibling, after a while Rachel was asked for a date with a guy she had a crushed on. His name is Rob and was a popular boy because he was the leader of the school football team. Next day Rob acted weird around Rachel which makes her feel overwhelmed. One day on her home she met Benji a loner who never hangs with other kids. However he offered her a ride and together they went to the amusement park. Rachel started falling for him as he saves her life. After what happens at the amusement park Rachel started wondering why benji is different from everyone else, and why he is cold whenever she touch him. However whenever she asked for who he was he’ll replied “You wouldn't understand if I tell you.”
And one night she was invited to a party so she went with her friend Emily from her new school and Rob appeared and asked her to dance with him. However she got a message from Benji to come outside, while she was outside with Benji, Rob came with his boys and found Rachel with hugging Benji. Rob and his boys have no idea who Benji was asked who he was. He replied “I’m Rachel’s boyfriend!”     “HEART DROPPED LOL


I read the second book of the Sworn series and it is absolutely amazing and stunning! 

Okay in the second book she found out he was a vampire, well she didn't believe him at first however about halfway through the book Benji gave her a thing like a medallion I think to make her believe he is a vampire. After he told her he was a vampire she was shocked  and stormed off. After that she never heard anything from Benji. And in her school students were talking who was this guy Benji. Rachel however kept the secret from anyone else except her diary where she write everything in and lock it with a heart locker, with the key always around her neck. However her secret was discovered as she forgets to lock her diary one night and her mom went through her personal diary one morning as they were searching where she is. Her parents discovered everything she had been hiding from them and everything about her and Benji. Of course the parents called the police where to find Benji and Rachel. As the police pulled outside the castle Rachel and Benji came outside and something happens and the police have an opens fire. Apparently one of the shots had shots Rachel which leaves Benji no choice but to hopefully turn her into a vampire.....I can't wait for the next book, I'm in love with this book LOL.
Hopefully Rachel will be turned into a vampire!!! And I can't wait for book three to be on e-books!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

All the students, independent, throw your hands up in the air!

Today at book club we are talking about our licenses and books. Lana is reading Sworn which is on E  book. She started today and won’t stop as the book is really relatable to us girls, especially with teenagers hanging around with the wrong crowd, just to be cool and known. Really rebellious character named RACHEL!

Kim is reading ‘All The Bright Places’ written by Jennifer Niven.

Asinate is reading ‘ The Last Boyfriend' written by Nora Roberts

Lonise is reading 'Blue Spring Ride'

Racheal is reading the second bit of Telesa ‘When Water Burns’  - Lani Wendt Young

We are now talking about book title and how off it can be , but the book is nothing racey as the cover.

Talking about future jobs, majority of us don’t know what we want to do. Lonise wants to be a Vet and Nate wants to do Hospitality but she’s taking all sciences this year! hahahh LOL

Talking about Holidays - Kim- hanging out with Bae , Bobbi-Grace - Sleep in , do work and watch programs Aki- Gateway course , Nate - Going to Wellington to have a holiday with her cousin, Racheal - Relax and do assessments and catch up with my programs and EAT EAT EAT! Lonise- Relax, Lana- First week of the holiday going to a program at AUT and going to go Cook Island.

(Thanks Racheal for recording the bookclub notes in my absence today- Ms M)

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Senior Fiction- where to next?

So senior fiction is a thing. It's that bridge between young adult and adult novels- how can you tell what is appropriate to read for a teen?

Here's a column that is specifically focussed on adult books for teens- check it out.

Here's a shelf on goodreads- this is made up of reader recommendations.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Challenge Books

We've decided that bookclub is getting a bit boring, so we've decided to all choose a book that is out of our comfort zone, a book that we would never normally read.

For most people it was horror, or non-fiction. For me it is a wartime book (I don't read sad things). We perused Stephen King novels..... BOO!

We'll let you know how it goes.

We've also asked for some new books to be purchased for the library- the new Lani Young series Scarlet Lies, as well as some Joss Stirling books- Storm and Stone and Finding Sky.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Weekly Wednesday Party

Lana- is reading City of Glass. "Boring at first but when you get to the action, that's the best part. When they start understanding the truth of the mysteries it's the best."

Animated discussion around Lani Wendt Young novels.

Tupac, Nathaniel and Joseph came for a visit but were really just taking the mickey.

Kim is reading Withering Tights by Louise Rennison.

Aki is reading a novel from The Selection series.

Asinate is reading The Last Boyfriend it's all good.

Ms Metcalfe is attempting to start a Heinlein novel The Cat Who Walks Through Walls

We had a discussion around exams and how we can get ready and State of Origin.

Breaking up with books

Today's bookclub devolved into a discussion of how noone has any time to read. Best line today goes to Racheal- "Need to take a break, fell in love with exams. But we'll get back with them on Tuesday. Ask out our books again."

Chelsea is getting Fool Moon by Jim Butcher- urban fantasy

Aki is reading The Selection stories, enjoying them.

Asinate is reading Nora Roberts, looking forward to the next one in the series when Ms Metcalfe return is next week.

Lana is still reading Mortal Instruments

Telesa is still popular- Racheal is reading When Water Burns