Tuesday, 23 June 2015

All the students, independent, throw your hands up in the air!

Today at book club we are talking about our licenses and books. Lana is reading Sworn which is on E  book. She started today and won’t stop as the book is really relatable to us girls, especially with teenagers hanging around with the wrong crowd, just to be cool and known. Really rebellious character named RACHEL!

Kim is reading ‘All The Bright Places’ written by Jennifer Niven.

Asinate is reading ‘ The Last Boyfriend' written by Nora Roberts

Lonise is reading 'Blue Spring Ride'

Racheal is reading the second bit of Telesa ‘When Water Burns’  - Lani Wendt Young

We are now talking about book title and how off it can be , but the book is nothing racey as the cover.

Talking about future jobs, majority of us don’t know what we want to do. Lonise wants to be a Vet and Nate wants to do Hospitality but she’s taking all sciences this year! hahahh LOL

Talking about Holidays - Kim- hanging out with Bae , Bobbi-Grace - Sleep in , do work and watch programs Aki- Gateway course , Nate - Going to Wellington to have a holiday with her cousin, Racheal - Relax and do assessments and catch up with my programs and EAT EAT EAT! Lonise- Relax, Lana- First week of the holiday going to a program at AUT and going to go Cook Island.

(Thanks Racheal for recording the bookclub notes in my absence today- Ms M)

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