Friday, 27 March 2015

Book of Broken Hearts review- Kim Darbyshire

This novel is about an Argentine family, in the middle of which is 18 year old Jude, who has three older sisters. She is looking after her father, who has alzheimers and is slowly losing each of his memories. When he was younger, her father had traveled around South America on his motorbike, Valentina, and he wants to restore it so he can ride again. Jude goes along with his plan, but the mechanic they hired turns out to be Emilio Vargas. As kind, funny and cute as he is, he’s off limits - seriously. Two of Jude’s older sisters had their hearts broken by Vargas brothers, one even breaking off an engagement. They swore an oath with a younger Jude that she would never get involved with a Vargas. Which is exactly what she ends up doing, hard as she may fight it. Emilio has not had the best past, and is set on leaving the minute he finishes the motorbike, but when he offers Jude the chance to go with him, she hesitates. Jude’s dad gets his last ride on Valentina, but has an accident. While in hospital, he persuades Jude to go with Emilio because he knows that’s what she really wants.

Jude is extremely funny as the narrator of this story, and there are happy parts ad sad parts and 'awwwwwwww' parts. It is quite inspiring and grab-life-by-the-horns.

Yes, it is an adorable book.
Yes, I cried.
Yes, I am crushing on Emilio
Yes, everyone should read it.
-Kim Darbyshire

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