Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Art of Walking Upright Here

I've read 'The Art of Walking Upright' written by Glenn Colquhoun. I love how he uses specific vocab and language for different scenarios e.g black dark dresses describing the night sky, and seagulls crunchie voices describing the mouthpiece of the characters. In page 32, an eye catching quote caught my eye. "Not I, some child, born in a marvellous year, will learn the trick of standing upright here." This quote and  the title of this book made me wonder what 'The Art of Walking Upright' meant. In page 33 Idiscovered the answer to my question, "The art of walking upright here is the art of using both feet. One is for holding on. One is for letting go. "

Tu'i Moa

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