Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Wednesday Catchup Corner

What we're reading at the moment...

Bobbi-Grace is reading Scarlet Lies, Racheal has I am Daniel Tahi and Aki is reading Telesa

'Asinate is reading the third book in a romance trilogy, The Next Always, Cherub is reading Wintergirls and Ms Wethey just started reading The Colour Purple.

Lana is reading Sophie's Legacy, a non-fiction work about a university student who was killed by her ex-boyfriend. Mele is reading The Miracle Stealer, about a boy and his family who don't get along and Christina is going to try The Vanishing Season on Ms Metcalfe's recommendation and see how it goes.

We had a chat about how we fit reading for pleasure into our day. Most people said they did homework first and then read, but some people scheduled time to read...

Bobbi-Grace- reads at 8.40pm for 20 mins. 
Racheal- 9pm-11pm
Lana- anytime she feels like it
Asinate- when she goes to bed, around 10, tries to limit herself
Aki- depends, sometimes after homework
Mele- averages three chapters a day after homework
Ms Metcalfe- after children go to bed, usually around 8
Ms Wethey- readsbefore sleeping, usually late night, but time varies

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