Sunday, 26 April 2015

Where She Went- Review by Clearissa Thompson

This book ‘Where she went” is about two young people, Adam and Mia, finally seeing each other again after three years of separation. Adam has a band named ‘Shooting Stars’ and his new album ‘Collateral Damage’ has hit the top charts. Adam started playing and writing songs when Mia left him alone. Mia on the other hand is a cellist whose been playing very well ever since she lost her family in a car crash.

Adam spent those three years wondering where she went and why she left? When they spend one whole night together Adam is tempted to ask her by many things Mia says and does. After Adam has popped the question Mia tells him her point of view. Adam then breaks up with his current girlfriend Bryn. Bryn has always been mad at Mia (or ghost girl, Bryn calls her) ever since her and Adam first started dating  because Bryn has never got the best of Adam. In the end, Adam and Mia end up being together again but they don’t tell anyone besides the band.

I think this book speaks a lot of a broken heart.I liked some parts, like the funny ones. I think Adam should’ve just gotten over her because it’s been 3 years straight with no signs. Adam really has a bad temper and always negative but then it is partly Mia’s fault why he’s like that. He did love her a lot and I think he still does, he always has. Mia is not so good herself. Leaving him just like that wasn’t the right thing. She should’ve told him or said something instead of silence, leaving him to wonder. After 3 years is way too long. Somehow I thought that Bryn was only in it for the money and fame.

Overall, ‘Where she went’ wasn’t the worst book I’ve read, neither the worst. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good too. It’s just OK. Rate: 5

-Clearissa Thompson

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