Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Lani Wendt Young

Lani Wendt Young is the author of the Telesa series of books, as well as a prolific blogger. Check out her blog here

The first in a new series called Scarlet Lies has just come out- here's the blurb:

"Lies are beautiful – when the truth hurts. 
Sixteen years ago, Scarlet’s family sent her away in disgrace. She’s been back once – with disastrous consequences. Now, her little sister is getting married and Scarlet's headed home once more. Will this be the reunion she's always longed for? Or will the lies of her childhood entangle her once more in their beautiful embrace? 
She has a nightmarish fear of flying and she’s escorting her sister’s wedding dress through three different time zones. He’s the tall, dark and handsome stranger that gets in her way… What happens when Scarlet has to go home to be bridesmaid to her least favorite little sister, (who loves to remind everyone she’s a former beauty Queen EVERY OTHER MINUTE?) Can she survive three weeks of tropical heat and mosquitos, droves of busybody relatives all wanting to tell her WHY she’s still single as she endures the wedding from hell? Six hundred guests, three wedding dresses, twenty-four cake tiers, fifteen bridesmaids, a mother on a mission to makeover her daughter who ‘lacks ambition,’ and ONE deliciously divine man who alternately renders her speechless then drives her to outrage - all add up to a recipe for disaster. Or does it? 
More than 'just a romance', this poignant story about the tangled connections between mothers, daughters and sisters - speaks with compelling insight and humor, of inherited trauma, desire and deception, and the power and stubbornness of love. 
Scarlet Lies is the first in a three book series. The second book, 'Scarlet Secrets' will release April 30th, followed by the thrilling conclusion to the saga, 'Scarlet Redemption', May 30th."
That all the books are coming out this year is very exciting.

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