Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Wish You Were Italian *cough*

My latest book-crush has been on 'Wish You Were Italian' by Kristin Rae. And yes, it does sound terribly cliché, but as they say, you can't judge a book my it's cover. When I first saw this book in the library I only got it to pass the time, but by the first chapter I was totally intrigued. 

A 17(ish) year old girl, Pippa, is sent to Italy over the summer holidays to go to an art history class by her mother, but all she really wants to do is spend time with her best friend. When she gets to Italy, she finds out her friend has created a project for her to do each day, like to write down 10 goals she wants to achieve. Just for fun, Pippa includes a goal of falling in love with an Italian guy.
With no parents and a large stack of cash, courtesy of her father, Pippa realises there is no actual need for her to go to her art class, so she decides to explore the beautiful country of Italy. She makes a friend, Darren, on her first day in Rome and somehow she runs into him everywhere she goes, but her attention is compromised by a gorgeous Italian, just what she was looking for in her goal. 
She ends up learning a lot about herself, love, and life throughout her 3 months in Italy.

I think this book is absolutely wonderful; it made me laugh, cry (no joke,) and fall in love with all the characters *cough* Darren *cough*.
I would recommend this book to everyone who wants a not-quite-cliché love story, or just to get beautiful imagery of Italian scenery.

Kim Darbyshire

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