Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Happy Days! Bookclub Week 3

Toa issued The Infects, which I've previously reviewed over here.

Bobbygrace issued Razorhurst and The Realm of Possibility.

Rose issued Ruined and Unnatural Creatures by (the best author in the history of the world ever true story) Neil Gaiman.

Teuila issued The Impossible Knife of Memory which has some cute homemade booktrailers online and as well as one from the publisher here. She also chose Just Listen by Sarah Dessen.

Isaac is cracking along with The Secret Life of Bees

Kim is currently in between books but is thinking of maybe getting a book sometime.

Mele is reading What I Was from last week as well as issuing Small Steps (review from The Guardian here), the sequel or follow up novel to Holes by Louis Sachar.

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