Thursday, 25 September 2014

John Green-a-palooza

The fault in our stars: I read The Fault in our Stars, by John Green. When the movie came out I wanted to go see it, but when I found out there was a book I knew I wanted to read before watching the actual movie. As soon as I read the first page I was hooked, this was the only book I wanted to read, no other book matter until I finished Fault in our stars. The book itself is Funny, romantic, with a bit of tragedy at the end. The book is about a girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster, who suffers from terminal thyroid cancer, who is forced by her parents to attend a support group where she meets and falls in love with Augustus Waters. “ I fell in love with him, like you fall asleep, slowly,  then all at once.” The  ending was unexpected and I think thats what made the book more amazing because it was kind of unpredictable. It was an awesome book, it will make you laugh and cry at the same time. Definitely a need to read.  


Let it snow: I’ve just recently finished reading Let it Snow: Three holiday romances by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle. This novel is a compilation that has three separate stories that all connect to one another. Each story has its own characters and a different kind of love story. I liked all three stories from beginning to the end it was a great book, I love the fact that the authors managed to connect their stories, it wasn’t three completely different stories, the characters all knew each other some how. The stories start with a teenage girl Jubilee, who after her parents got arrested because of involvement in a riot, was on her way to her grandparents for christmas. When her train gets stuck in a snowstorm, she meets Stuart who invites her to his house for christmas. Than we read about a boy Tobin, The Duke ( a tomboyish girl whose real name is Angie) who were on a mission to get down to the waffle house where cheerleaders awaited them. Along the way Angie lets out hints of her feelings for her best friend Tobin, and when they reach the Waffle House Tobin realizes that he has feelings for the duke. The last story follows a girl name Addie, who is spending Christmas heartbroken because she had just recently broke up with her boyfriend.

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